Why donate to Arts for Lawrence?

Art is a powerful force that unfolds complex ideas, enriches lives, joins communities, and heals the world. Everyone in our community deserves access to that power.  By making a donation to Arts for Lawrence, you’re breaking barriers so that all of Lawrence can access the arts. 

To make an impact, give the gift of art.

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Arts for Lawrence proudly abides by the donor bill of rights.

Thanks to You

Our donor's generous contribution means so much to us, but it means even more to the Lawrence community who will receive arts programming such as art classes, concerts, theater performances, and so much more.

Hear from our supporters to see how gifts to Arts for Lawrence have impacted their lives. 
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Thank You To Our Donors!

Richard & Carol Schwartz
Carl Murray & Judy Byron
Tom Steinmetz
Bruce & Nancy Hugon
Jennifer Walton
Bruce & Carol Lockhart
Deris & Donald Owens
The Petrucciani Family
Mary Ginther-Oss
Emily Leiserson
Shelley Stewart
Emily Miser
Tom Steinmetz
Jim & Jennifer Kane
Ted & Betsy Kleinmaier
Nina Suntzeff
Kimberly DalSanto
Dawn Branson
Aaron Short
Meglin Family
Jeanine & Nobel Lugo
Leslie Montgomery
Brian Norris
Michael & Anna Conover
Karen Powers 
Mike Little
Brenda Dove
Catherine Morris
Dean Popovich
Hemphill & Hopwood Family